Our Features

99% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.
90 MILLION mobile subscribers.
This provides a unique opportunity for businesses to be available anywhere and anytime.

Smart Filter

delete all wrong numbers & duplicated numbers ,..

Create Groups

save all numbers in classified groups like : Branches , segmentations, ..

API Integration

Your system can connect to our platform via API.

Unlimited Sender IDs

Create unlimited sender IDs from your panel.

Full Reports

Instantaneous reports of all transactions on the account.

Scheduling system

Intelligent scheduling system allows you to send messages at any time.

SMS campaigns

You can create an SMS campaign and targeting new customers in By Street.

24/7 Live Support

Technical support team will help you 24/7.

Delivered Messages

Effective Campaigns

Integrated App (APIs)

Satisfied Clients

Our Services

SMS Misr Platform is a mobile messaging solution that enables you to develop faster and customise your communication solution. Equipping you with real-time communication tools.
SMS Misr Platform is designed to create a dynamic dialogue between your business and its customers.
Bulk SMS – Targeted SMS – Mobile advertising – Location Based Advertising

Bulk SMS is a Marketing Solution that started to get huge popularity due to its force in reaching the targeted customers by disseminating text messages using a special type of system by which Users be able to send single SMS to a large volume of cellular phones at any instant.
Bulk SMS system is designed to help Users to be in touch with their clients at a time as it’s easy to use the messaging software by entering the contact numbers manually or upload bulk.

Targeting New Customers By Street

Targeting New Customers By Street service at SMS misr is designed to help businesses maximize their consumer reach through enhancing their ability to communicate digitally with a wide audience, providing different channels for the delivery of effective, efficient communication to their targeted audiences at the right time and at the right place.

  •  Create awareness about your brand and services
  •  Generate more leads by reaching new customers
  •  Communicate your new offers and events

Location Based Advertising

Effective targeted advertising for customers in the vicinity of your shops, where coupons and special offers are sent exclusively to them to encourage brand loyalty and increased custom.

Mobile Advertising

An advertising SMS will be broadcast to number of customers.
The message will include a call-to action, such as a number to dial or reply to with a short code to subscribe to service.


Can we give you a special quotation?
If you send messages to more than 1,000,000 messages , please let us know and we’ll work out a special quotation for you.

  • EGP
  • Bulk SMS

  • 200 SMS = EGP 60

  • 1,000 SMS = EGP 210

  • 5,000 SMS = EGP 1000

  • 10,000 SMS = EGP 1,900

  • 20,000 SMS = EGP 3,600

  • 50,000 SMS = EGP 8,500

  • 100,000 SMS = EGP 16,500

  • For more info on high volume pricing please contact us

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  • EGP 3,500
  • Mobile Advertising

  • Vodafone

    10,000 SMS = EGP 3,500

  • etisalat

    10,000 SMS = EGP 3,500

  • Orange

    10,000 SMS = EGP 3,500

  • For more info on high volume pricing please contact us

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  • EGP 1000
  • Targeted SMS

  • 5,000 SMS = EGP 1000

  • 10,000 SMS = EGP 1,900

  • 20,000 SMS = EGP 3,600

  • 50,000 SMS = EGP 8,500

  • 100,000 SMS = EGP 16,500

  • For more info on high volume pricing please contact us

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  • EGP 3,300
  • Location Based Advertising

  • Vodafone

    12,000 SMS EGP 6,300
    24,000 SMS EGP 11,300
    50,000 SMS EGP 20,500

  • etisalat

    5,000 SMS EGP 3,300
    10,000 SMS EGP 4,800 EGP
    20,000 SMS EGP 7,800 EGP

  • Orange

    12,000 SMS EGP 8,000
    24,000 SMS EGP 14,000
    50,000 SMS EGP 25,000

  • For more info on high volume pricing please contact us

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Payment Methods

Learn about the different methods you can use to pay for our services on SMS Misr , like credit and debit cards , wire transfer , online transfer , cash deposits , cash on delivery , Vodafone cash , Fawry.

Now !! Recharge Your Account , Anywhere In Egypt At Anytime.

  • Arab African International Bank
    Branch: Mokattam
    Account No. : 525426
    Cash Deposit Only
  • ATM And Online Transfer CIB
    Account No. : 100027565551
    ATM Deposit

  • Bank CIB
    Account Name : SMSmisr
    Account No. : 100024714238
    Cash Deposit
  • Alex Bank
    Account No. : 144034703001
    Cash Deposit Only

  • Bank Misr
    Account Name : SMSmisr
    Account No. : 4880001000011061
    Cash Deposit Only

Online payment is a payment method, where customers can pay their bulk  SMS    Packages over the internet using their credit cards - secured 100%

Vodafone Cash service is The fastest, safest money transfer service Vodafone numbers


anywhere in Egypt at anytime.

Cash On Delivery is a service provided by Aramex to collect the payment from our customers Within 24 Hours.

How To Create Campagin


  • Login to your account

    Select "Targeted SMS" from menu

  • If you have any clients you'd like to send the same SMS to along with the campaign or you want to follow up with the campaign you can add this numbers in the optional numbers box

  • Add the number of clients you'd like to target then add the street/area/town and make sure to click on the "Add" button

    You can go back and repeat the process if you'd like to target multiple areas at once

  • Select the Targeted Gender, Social Class and Age
    Select the Date & Time (all must be filled) and it has to be one day earlier (you can't pick the same day)

  • Select your Sender ID and write down the message then Click "Submit"

    Check your campaign status from reports


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